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Sendik's Food Market (Sendik's) is a supermarket chain with 17 stores in the Greater Milwaukee area. Sendik's also operates a more convenience store-like Fresh2Go chain, which has four locations.

"For the most part, I avoid this store now unless I'm really in a pinch." says "Valerie J." on a review of Sendik's Fresh 2 Go

on the "Yelp" website on December 22, 2019: 

"This Sendik's Fresh2Go location was so great before the remodel. It had a full-service deli and a lot of great food and drink options.

Since the remodel, the deli is gone and it feels like there's a lot of unused space. There aren't many food and drink options. It's basically become a really expensive gas station convenience store.

Also, now the employees either seem to be hiding or, when they can be found, they ignore the customers, I agree that the checkout is confusing. For the most part, I avoid this store now unless I'm really in a pinch."


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Food Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Neither I, my family, nor acquaintances will ever step foot into another of their stores again. The stress, lack of support and lack of any kind of positive aspects crushed my spirit. Watching coworkers be used and abused then discarded was especially disheartening. I used to proudly tell anyone who would listen the many great things about Cumberland. Now, I simply want to forget the time I spent there."

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Bought out by E G group hours cut work load impossible for all .The company's Mystery shop program if a complete failure as well as the plan to win goal .All upper management has become (hostile) to say the least and finger pointing .Nothing treated as a beggar for hoursLots of failed programs such as Mystery shops, Farm up and plan to win which they keep trying to make work !!"

FSL (Former Employee) says

"The rte 1 North Attleboro store has cut hours greatly, it is poorly managed. Most of the staff at this store are nothing but backstabbing, lying brown nose type. They just don’t care about anything. The managers do NOTHING you can see it when you walk into this store. The work gets thrown on the very very few people who work their butts off! Walk into the store, you will see for yourself the only 1 Woman who truly works. They will be losing her soon too just WATCH!"

Guest Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst location ever. They would not let you change your schedule. Would schedule you when you are not able to work. The store manager is horrible and does not care about the employees. Made me hate working there and in return will never go to a Cumberland as a customer"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"And then never gave me a start date or contacted me, or anything. No one helped when I contacted HR or even the district manager. So unprofessional and a waste of time."

Shift Lead (Former Employee) says

"I felt like I was going to lose my job at any minute, getting 8 hours one week, to 25 the next week. I had to desperately find another job because I could not rely on this job for income."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"When hired my manager was amazing then she was transferred and her replacement was an arrogant miserable just all around rotten person that had another employee lie to corporate and unemployment board ( it was proven) just to get me fired because I would not kiss her ( well you know) I fought it and got my unemployment and a much better job"

MIT (Manager in Training) says

"Four stores, two District Managers, and one badly run company. Maybe the new owner group can fix this place but for now it's managers are bullies, no one gets to have a life unless your the Managers pet, and no matter how much you get done they will slam you for one thing you missed."

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Manager is very unprofessional and definitely has her favorites who she continually gives any/all extra hours to I have caught her more than once talking about co-workers to other co-workers she favors first shift people for sureNoneNot enough pay, unprofessional mgr"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a former manager. There is a big communication gap between the higher management and store mangement. A lot is expected from the manger without proper support. The District managers are good at talking but when you really need help no where to be found."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is honestly the Mose vile Cumberland farms I had ever seen from the customers to the very non respectable manager, the environment in general is just grotesque and I worked harder than anyone else even taking abuse from coworkers by being forced to do their work, and I never complained and always did what I was told, despite the inequality demonstrated there.NoneHonestly it’s not a place most people would like to work"

Manager in Training (Former Employee) says

"This company hires people with years of management experience with the promise of managing your own store. They then use seasoned managers to staff their open cashier roles with the title of MIT. Stay away from Cumberland Farms.NoneTerrible pay. False promises. Ignorant people in position of power."

Guest Service Associate/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"This company does not help you on life if anything its more stressful. Managers don't deal with problems just shrugs them off. Hours are low pay is low.Its a jobOnly breaks if you are a smoker. Not many hours. Poor management."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This review is going to be long because to be honest, I was emotionally invested in this job. Going into this job and leaving it, I loved it. I loved the people I worked with, the people who came in, even the difficult people or the strange people. What tore me down was management, the main manager of the store. I got along really well with the night manager and the weekend manager, but the manager I had issue made sure to instill insecurities I thought I had moved on from when I ran away from an abusive home. That woman took every chance when she could to interact with me to tell me how I was failing, despite the fact that I had only been trained three days, and two of those 'training' days was spent on the computer, learning from those mind numbing videos and tests. I had to learn everything on the fly and from the help of others. I however tried my hardest, never took my frustrations out on my co-workers or the customers, and I always volunteered to learn something new every day. I worked myself so hard that I actually lost a toe-nail from taking on as many hours as I possibly could so I could just learn. The first time she decided to dig into me was to proclaim that I had a 'foul odor', and that other co-workers had brought this to her. This made me immediately confused and hurt. I shower every day, I use deodorant, I wash my clothes, I didn't understand how I could have a foul odor. I asked others that I worked with and they reported no such scent. I just decided to wear perfume to cover all of my bases. For the three months I worked there, I burned myself out tryingSome of the food is goodDon't expect to be treated like a person or like you matter"

Various Locations- Training Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Spent 14 years with the company and the way I was treated the last few years was horrible. The ceo is great and has a great vision but area managers treat store managers like dogs that need to be beat down all the time. I could go on but wasting anymore time on this company would just be wrong.CEO has a great visioonShayne Kirby"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Managment is horrible, in a 24 HR store and people would only get 15 hours a week. They dont care if you tell them when your hired what your availability is. All the company cares about is $Employee discountEverything else"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"No training what so ever. Co-worker made threat to my well being. Management did nothing about threat besides email around from person to person. They need to rethink how they bring on new hires and treat their workers. Management uses fear to control workers."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The job itself was easy. Cash register, stocking, making coffee. A certain co-worker was manager's favorite and could do no wrong. Laziest person I ever had misfortune to work with. This certain person always had an attitude with customers as well. Manager was another story. A call to the corporate office will be in order fairly soon !Close to where I lived. Loved my customers!!LAZY and attitudinally challenged co-worker and manager"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"No breaks, you go above and beyond what expected of the job and not get paid more for it. No morals, everyone talks bad about each other, too much gossip toxic fake people fake manager fake, customers are rude, I got threatened by a customer that he would take my eyes out, the store didn’t do anything, the cops helped. Another customer wanted me fired because I’m not white and she bullies me and the store didn’t do anything to help. I got fired because I speak the truth and is we all the lies and for sucking up to management not sucking up to Coporate and not doing what Coporate ask but when I need a raise a bonus they said they will give me it two days latter it’s all lies management said they would have automated self check out in June and my manager said when did I say that, two days ago, you lie. If you want to have no dreams be emotionally and physically drained have no aspirations to move up and better yourself and work for free then this is the right place. They rather fire me because I tell the truth and say bad things about the company because there is no breaks there is no raises it’s get harder and harder to get bonuses and it’s been four months since I’ve received a raise no one helps you at the store you are the cashier the food service leader the janitor the trash picker the mopping the brewing of the cofee and everyone else is sitting in the back room playing in their phones computer talking bad behind everyone back and this one person sells drugs at Cumberlands tells customers I am not cooking for you that’s not my job threatens other cashiers that they end upNopeEverything no morales no integrity support selling drugs to customers crackheads"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They did not have good customer service People would take advantage of others Some never came in When sick they would force to make us work Such a horrible place"